Docterz is a program made by Indian doctors, for Indian doctors.

Doctors all across the nation are using Docterz.

1 nation, 134 crore people, 22 languages, 10 lac doctors. Each doctor works uniquely with their patients. And for long term sustainable practice, not only is the doctor-patient bond important but it is important that doctors don’t get overworked due to non-medical reasons.


Docterz understands this need and behaves like an extension of each of of them. Allowing technology to streamline day-to-day issues like administration and finances, it adapts to each and every doctor’s specific problems. That too in a simple and doctor-friendly manner.


Now, doctors can concentrate completely on their practice while their extension, Docterz, manages their practice for them.

Start of web application engineering

JAN 2016

Launch of web application

OCT 2016

Integration of multi language prescriptions

JAN 2017

Launch of mobile app for patients

MAR 2017

Engineering of android app for doctors started

OCT 2017

Engineering of iOS app  for doctors started

FEB 2018

Launch of android app for doctors

JUN 2018

Bill management and vaccine inventory launched​

SEP 2018

Launch of queue management system based on ETA

DEC 2018

Launch of new website and iOS app for Doctors.

APR 2019