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Welcome to the New-Age Clinic Management 


Indian doctor’s ecosystem is a unique ecosystem. Some doctors work out of 

polyclinics, some in single owner clinics. Some work in corporate hospitals 

and some have their own hospitals. Some doctors bill the patient after consultation and some doctors collect charges before the consultation. A new 

scenario for every doctor. 


Most doctors are stressed and overworked. And to add technology to their 

working patterns makes them more hassled. 

We have made a clinic management software that can adapt to your practice. Deal with your problems. Understand your needs. And easy to 


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All your clinics and sessions in one 

place - making clinic management 


Doctors visit multiple clinics or do multiple consultation sessions as a 

daily routine. We understand the complication and importance of time management. That’s why we created a clinic management software with a home screen that displays all your clinics/sessions and their status in one view. 



Manage multiple clinics, their timings, appointments and their dedicated patients.

Case paper system, helps you consult 

more efficiently when you are 

in-between consultation

Design from an Indian doctor's perspective, this clinic management software takes you to step by step on a consultation journey from knowing the patient's details until you bill him. You can easily jump to any step through a single tap. Check medical history with a single tap while prescribing medication. Patient's details, medical reports, history, 

billings all are on a single screen. Always available when you are busy consulting. 

No more forgotten files and records. Well organised and smartly designed.

case paper.png

Giving printed prescriptions is now 

every doctor’s cup-of-tea.

That's why we inculcated machine learning inside our clinic management software. It learns how you approach a particular 

diagnosis, what drugs you would give for that diagnosis, what tests you 

would order, what instructions you would write, and molds accordingly. 

Your job is just to keep on selecting. 

Giving printed prescriptions cannot be made simpler.

The prescription that speaks to people.

We understand that Indian doctors deal uniquely with every individual patient from a country of 134 crore people, speaking more than 22 languages, with 33% of them living together in urban areas. Graphically simplified to understand easily.

Talk to your patients in their languages.

Content is intent.

Hence we approached doctors from all over the country to write medical literature for our platform. This clinic management software offers easy 

to read, graphically represented and medically accurate information. 

Time to give Dr. Google a reality check.


Clear Hisab-Kitab

No more confusion. The pending amount, amount to be collected and currently pending. All in one glance.

Make billing child's play.

Detailed Hisab-Kitab

Hisab-Kitab-daily, monthly and yearly. And doctors develop cold feet. Not any more. All your bills at one place. All your accounts in one place. All that matters to your accountant in one app.

No more multiple rounds to your Chartered Accountant.

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Hisaab Kitaab

Balance your schedule

Give more value for money to patients

Vaccine Manager

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