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Medical Software for Better Patient Management

Your reception, your clinic’s face, your first point of contact. The medical software that we offer manages your appointments, billing and patient’s queues. Your patient management needs to be automated. 


Patient management made easy

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We have reduced the visual clutter and designed a minimal interface to avoid confusion with a medical software called Docterz. Studying a diverse set of reception staff we have made single objective based workflows. So now on any receptionist, irrespective of age, qualification or tech-savviness can successfully use our app.

All doctors, their availability, timings and number of appointments in one glance.

Easy display of appointment queue.

Upgrade your reception staff. Make them a multi-tasker with patient management and medical software, easily. Now you can see all appointments in a queue lineup. Keep an eye on pending payments. Track current case and remaining lineup. Create new appointment, Delete or edit appointment while the session is on. Easy search by name or registered mobile.

No more confusion with appointment queue.

The indicator of the pending amount for a gentle reminder.


No more confusion with appointment queue.

The indicator of the pending amount for a gentle reminder.


Capture all patient details at the reception in one go!

Now on your reception can easily update a patient's detail information while they are waiting at reception. Patient Management has become convenient with our medical software.

Get up to date file before the session.

Get up to date file before the session.

Clear Hisab-Kitab

No more confusion. The pending amount, amount to be collected and currently pending. All in one glance.

Make billing child's play with our medical software.

detail billing.png

Detailed Hisab-Kitab with a Medical Software

We have taken money too seriously. Session wise billing tally. Cash or card payments segregation. Pending amount filter and notification and search bill.

We created billing from hard-earned learnings. 

Who likes an overcrowded reception?

Patients reeling over reception counter, kids crying and hassled looks. Not a sight one would like. If anything has to be heard, it has to be the children’s noises. So, we designed one of the smartest queue systems linked to the reception app. The receptionist can start queues, pause queues, pick up emergency appointments. All reflecting in on one big screen at the receptionist area. And patients are given ETA’s, not token numbers. Say yes to  patient management with a medical software.

TV Screen.png
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Track all bills coming to your clinic

We know you are too busy in your own day-to-day affairs. Now tracking your bills has become easy along with the medical software. Working with multiple vendors and your Chartered Accountant is not your cup of tea. Vendors see it as an opportunity to push differential pricing. Hence, we have introduced a bill manager with the reception app. Our reception app will help you build trust with your vendors, work efficiently with your Chartered Accountant and you can focus on what you are best at. Your patients.

Enhance Your Reception Experience

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