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Do you still think printed prescriptions take time? With Docterz Prescription you wont...

One of our biggest achievements to date.


You select the Style, Font, Language.


And generate the neatest, meticulous, impressive prescriptions as fast as your pen without losing eye contact.

How do we do it?

Machine Intelligence


The software understands how you approach a particular diagnosis and keeps adapting accordingly.



  • Dose

  • Frequency

  • Duration

  • Volume of drug


“All you need to do is just select”

Impact Points

  • Impressive

  • FDA and NABH compliant

  • No risk of losing files

  • Can share medical literature or educational videos

  • Send drug reminders via google calendar

  • And much more…

Multi-Lingual Prescription


What Doctors Say?

Dr Prankur Pandey, Raipur

Availability of regional languages and prescription templates are wonderful features. Moreover, the algorithm is intelligent and adapts and learns doctors prescribing habits to autosuggestions.

Dr Vishal Sachade, Mumbai

Before using this software, I was of the opinion that handwritten prescriptions would be faster and convenient. But how wrong I was. This software is very user friendly, intuitive and fast

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