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Why Professional Networking is Important in Healthcare Ecosystem for Doctors?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

“Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes.”

-Ronald Burt

Networking is a golden rule for professional life. It’s the manure to your professional growth. Many individuals misjudge networking as selling yourself out there, to the world to be able to excel. For some, it’s flooded with dread and awkwardness of talking to strangers. However off-putting the attributes associated with networking may seem, networking is what helps you build a brand value for yourself. It is not just boasting of your achievements and hearing those of others’.

Networking is about building bonds to widen and nurture your knowledge span while enriching your personal and professional growth. A good networking tactic is to always look for ways to build lasting connections based on trust.

Your network entails anyone from your friends, family, teachers, mentors, work colleagues and acquaintances. Even your hockey team coach is a part of your network. The people you meet in and around your neighbourhood are your network too. You may be surprised to know how for a professional task your neighbourhood aunt may help you better than your peers can! A junior you once connected with on LinkedIn may be able to pull you out of a professional rubble. The feeling of learning and spiritual growth in some cases as you help others out always trumps the ulterior professional motives that makes some indulge into networking.

Just like for any other field, networking helps immensely, the ones in the healthcare industry too. Be those doctors, nurses, service providers, laboratory test conductors, they can all benefit immensely from networking with like-minded or the ones with different interests from their own fields or other fields, they can have lucrative opportunities in their professional domain at their dispense.

Importance of Networking for Doctors?

Networking can have varied benefits for doctors and other healthcare professionals. They may be able to get assistance for going about their everyday tasks such as collection of data and samples from patient, tracking their blood insulin or blood pressure levels, assisting them on their dietary and lifestyle choices, etc. A vast and diverse network offers a variety of benefits. Some of them are:

1. Stronger business associations:

trust and support are two underlying facets of networking. Thus, assisting each other, helping out becomes a prerequisite to networking. If you help someone today, chances are your help would be reciprocated in ways that make your ventures what you can’t even fathom. Thus, correspondence builds not only stronger bonds but stronger opportunities too.

2. Freshen up your perspective and ideas:

Having diversity in your network can help you think out the box with a ceaseless exchange of diverse ideas. This will give you a whole new spectrum to explore. A broader perspective will thus, strike new inspiration for newer, better ventures that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

3. Raise your profile & Advance your career:

getting attention and having more and more people know you is essential for your career advancement as more referrals could come your way. More and more people may also seek your help out by the reference of your skills and knowledge that runs in your networking circles.

4. Access to more job opportunities:

Having a vast connection can help you land new, better job opportunities. Staying active with your network will help stay updated on latest concerns while increasing your chances for relevant entities.

5. Gain more for career advice and support:

seeking advice of experienced ones from your network can help you greatly with their wider and deeper knowledge as compared to yours. It can open doors to valuable learning and insights.

6. Building reputation:

In a healthcare ecosystem if some other doctor, pharmacist or patient praises you or refers you, the reputation and market standing of your clinic or hospital also increases. Thus, networking puts you and your business in an advantageous position for building a good reputation.

7. Build Confidence:

Associating with like minded people always help you gain confidence in the process of helping others and getting assistance for your ventures. The exchange of knowledge further springboards your confidence.

6 networking strategies for healthcare providers

  1. Join professional organization: There are countless organizations, associations, and societies that you can join, whatever your specialty may be. Being a part of professional organizations has manifold benefits: basic benefits of networking like exchange of knowledge and spill-over gains, learning from trained professionals and lastly, get timely every latest update.

  2. Attend events: These may be seminars, workshops or simply get together and professional meets as it gives you the opportunity to be able to connect with more and more professionals of the field

  3. Utilize social media: Social-media is a very strong tool for developing connections and networking. It is also a great tool for staying updated with the latest norms.

  4. Referral Management System: Exploring referral service can help doctor’s community as a whole while ensuring great relations with patients.

  5. Advertising: Advertising about local pharmacies, healthcare labs through queue management TV Ads, In app advertisement is a great way to let others know about yourself.

  6. Work to update and build your brand: The competition out there is ferocious and hence necessitates you to have the best policies and facilities, bearing in mind the needs of your audience and your purpose.

  7. Invest in an Effective Healthcare Platform: There are Several Platform out there in the market. Make Sure you invest in a platform that matches your requirement plus gives you opportunity to expand your healthcare space while ensuring ways you can stabilize your revenue stream

How Docterz App Can Help?

Docterz is a virtual platform that helps doctors create a brand-like entity of themselves on the application. With Doctorz App, the easy to use and handle UI helps make the life of doctors or other professionals easy. The app can be customized depending upon the usage of the individual clinic or hospital and helps them create and grow digital property of their own. We help associate healthcare professionals with patients, other fellow doctors, pharmacist, medical lab practitioner through a virtual app.

Why Should You Get the Doctorz App Today?

A Docterz Platform is crafted according to doctor’s specific need, keeping pain points of Doctors in mind. The Platform provides you a wholesome experience where it just not solves all your manual hassle, streamline your work but also gives opportunity to the clients to have their own digital presence a personalized app, easy networking, and also can easily earn through various revenue streams.

· Virtual Referral Service made easy with Docterz Platform

· Timely Feedback Made easy with Docterz Platform

Usually the doctors are busy hence, you can share timely feedback with Docterz Platform over mail or WhatsApp. It allows doctors to manage notes for a referring patient and see complete analytics on the same.

· Personalization in the App:

Perks of having your own personalized app for your clinic or hospital where you can have more contact points between doctor-patients through online consultation, digital prescription, online appointment and more making the process convenient and easier for both the parties.

· In House Advertising:

In House Advertising gives you the opportunity to expand your way to earn by easily promoting local pharmaceutical brands, partnered labs you are in touch with through in house advertisement like a queue management TV displayed in your clinic.

· Always Evolving:

Even after providing the service, Docterz platform is always in touch with its users. You want a specific feature update that matches your profession, Docterz app would make it possible.

Always evolving according to their users' needs!

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