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5 Simple Ways to Ace Reception Experience

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

5 simple ways to ace the reception experience
5 simple ways to ace the reception experience

Is the first impression really the last impression? To what extent this classic saying holds true in a Health care Industry

The first impression might be the glasses through which they see you. Creating a first good warm impression can be the gateway of assurance to the patient’s heart or can be considered the first building block of a firm foundation. If you have created the blocks with empathy, warmth, assurance for your patient then it becomes impossible for anyone to shackle this foundation.

What is a Positive Reception Experience?

A positive reception experience is more than a mere warm greeting. The front desk reception is considered as the face of the clinic or a hospital where he/she is accountable for managing suites of functionalities that involve managing patient appointments, long queues to effective billing management.

If the front desk representative is still relying on the traditional route it becomes impossible for them to multitask or manage every activity. An outfall in any activity can give an everlasting bad experience in a patient’s mind. The unprecedented times have made us realized the potential of technology. Leveraging the power of automated software would not just make a receptionist's life easier but would eventually help doctors to make a better connection with patients resolving the prime objective of boosting a positive patient experience.

How can Reception Experience Helps?

In a chess game, the first right move might not decide your faith for victory but definitely would give you confidence and assurance to sustain and fight till last. Similarly, in a hospital or clinic building, a positive reception experience can be the first right move that would help you further in streaming all the activities in a smooth chronological manner, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Let us understand in a more detailed way the challenges one faces and how smart automated software like Docterz App can help you:

· Say Goodbye to Long Queues:

Vulnerability in your mind, token in your hand you are trying to patiently wait for your turn that might take forever to come, is not the scenario anyone would like to experience. Docterz App understands the value of everyone’s time

A Digital Queue management system can resolve all this manual clutter by creating one interface to avoid confusion. Every patient can check their appointment through the ETA system.

No more Manual Hustle:

Is your front desk staff still dependent on a binder or an Excel spreadsheet for every visitor’s account?

Say goodbye to this manual mess and let the automated software take the front seat. With an easy display of appointment queue, it becomes beyond easy for a doctor and receptionist to eye on every patient’s detail from phone number, weight, to the pending amount.

Systematic Management:

Going to meet a doctor but later realizing that particular doctor was busy in an OPD. What a waste of time!

Now with smart automated software, a receptionist can easily update all stats regarding doctor availability, timing, and the number of cases in one glance.

Finance Management:

A receptionist has to be extra cautious while managing all the finance. Segregating money if done manually can consume a lot of time and even leads to human errors.

What if the app segregates all your financial trouble from managing cash to the card of visitors?

No more Cheating:

There are cases, where a receptionist fleeces doctors by overcharging unsuspecting patients and keep the extra money in her pocket. This creates a bad name for the Doctor.

Then sometimes, patients keep some amount pending, which they pay later. Some receptionists do not inform the doctor about it and pocket that money. This not only causes a financial loss to the Doctor but creating a sense of mistrust between the Doctor and the patients.

However, Docterz helps plug both these loopholes. After seeing a patient, the doctor enters the amount to be paid as a fee. Both the receptionist and the patient know the fee to be paid. Now, the receptionist cannot do any cheating. Similarly, as soon as the patient makes the pending payment, and it reaches the doctor, the same is updated in Docterz app. The patient receives a notification regarding the payment made. This makes the entire process very transparent.

Final Words:

The efforts and skillsets of the best-qualified doctors go in vain if a poor reception experience is present in a healthcare Industry.

Acing Reception experience is not Rocket Science. Let the technology intervention be your better guide in cracking the code of improving a better reception experience. If a patient enters with vulnerability in their mind and exits with a feeling of assurance in their face, you might have cracked the code.

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