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"Docterz is faster than pen & paper, convenient, user-friendly, intuitive.", Dr. Vishal Sachade.

I have been using Docterz since the last 9 months. I think its a complete and wholesome pediatric office practice software.

Before using the software I was of the opinion that handwritten prescriptions would be faster and convenient. But how wrong was I! This software is very user friendly, intuitive and fast.

It keeps a track of patient's growth and vaccination. So I don't have to do growth charting manually. Also vaccination record is maintained well with timely reminders to the parents about next scheduled vaccine. Life made easier for the doctor as well as parents.

Giving appointments, cancelling appointments, bill payments, inventory, follow up appointments, referrals etc all are taken care of by the software.

Parents are also happy as they are getting typed prescriptions with growth charts and vaccination details.

I would highly recommend the use of this software for office practice.

Dr. Vishal Sachade, The Children's Clinic, Mumbai.

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