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How the Docterz App Can Help in Handling Prescription?

Ignorance is no longer bliss when it comes to technology. Through the years, technology has aligned in almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. If you look at the health industry, it has seen a similar digitization trend, other industries have witnessed. We can see the inclination of healthcare towards adopting a customer-centric approach. They offer seamless experiences to their customers by automating features to their patients; from booking an appointment, diagnosis, to ease of accessing digital prescriptions.

Why Online Prescription is the Need of the Hour?

The healthcare sector can achieve great breakthroughs by implementing a proactive approach.

Online prescription
How online prescription saves time

Even by adopting a simple practice, such as digital prescription one can easily mitigate issues like forgery, fraud, prescription error, handwriting issues, and many others. Handling digital prescriptions can make lives easier and convenient not just for doctors but for patients as well.

Docterz App

Contribution in Handling of Prescription

The core aim of the Docterz App is to help understand your medical needs that are a daily practice, and the complications associated with the traditional hard copy prescription; make the switch towards digital prescription inevitable.

The App offers accuracy with its Machine Learning features, making it a much more viable option.

The Docterz app has reshaped the procedure of diagnosis. All information related to the diagnosis of the patient would be mentioned in the app itself, from what drugs to give, which test to be ordered, and which prescription to be followed. All this makes the handling of prescriptions much easier.

How Printed Prescription Helps Doctors?

Printed prescription makes the doctor’s life much more convenient and easier by changing the diagnosis scenario. Let's see in detail how.

● Can Easily Track Patients Information

The inculcated Machine Learning feature can help you in tracking vital information from patient history, medical tests, and prescriptions all in one click.

Mitigating Error

No more fear of misunderstanding the doctor’s writing, fear of fraud, or inaccurate fills. The use of printed prescriptions can resolve all these issues in one go.

Better Communication

Doctors can easily keep a close eye on the patient's progress. This makes the coordination much easier between the two.

How Printed Prescription Helps Patients?

The App was designed to keep the patient's experience and convenience in mind. Let’s understand how it has improved the patient’s experience:

Graphically Simplified

The app was created keeping the demographic and cultural factors of the Indian audience in mind. India is surrounded by a diverse cultural background with more than 22 languages spoken by individuals. The app is automated in a manner that can be customized according to your language preference.

Ensures Safety

The digital prescription can be easily secured in your phone, laptop, etc. making it a much secure option in comparison to the hard copy prescription which has a higher probability of being lost or misplaced.

Accurate Results

The Machine Learning features help in promising accurate results related to the patient's diagnosis.

Time management

If we look at the previous methods doctors had to be informed each time about the patient's health history, progress report, etc., but now when you are equipped with all medical history at your fingertips; it helps reduce the time taken.

Easy to Understand

No more going about doctor’s handwriting jokes anymore. Printed prescriptions provide clarity and help everyone understand the doctor’s prescription easily so no more issues with dosing etc

Final Words

The COVID-19 outbreak has made everyone realize the importance of technology. With progress towards universal adoption of digital prescription, hopefully, our healthcare would understand the myriad benefits of- automation, technology, and machine learning.

Hopefully handling printed prescriptions in India becomes everyone's cup of tea.

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