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Patient Flow Management Features Every Doctor Should Know


In this age of consumerism, the customer is the king. Hence, all organizations try their best to ensure that their customers get the best of their services. The same is true for Hospitals and Clinics. The doctors want to satisfy their patients not just their treatment, but all other things attached. This is where Patient Flow Management becomes very important.

What is Patient Flow Management?

When a patient enters a Doctor’s clinic, he comes in contact with various people. Each interaction with the clinic staff is a touchpoint. Doctors want to have a smooth interaction with the customers at each touchpoint. The sum total of patient’s movement through a clinic, hospital, or health system in an easy, seamless, and efficient manner is called Patient Flow Management.

patient flow management
patient flow management

The basic idea behind Patient Flow Management is to ensure that patients move from arrival to departure in a way that highlights the quality of care and causes patient satisfaction.

Why is patient flow management important?

Today most clinics and hospitals are under pressure to improve efficiency, enhance patient satisfaction, and improve their profitability. In such a condition, patient flow management can be a deciding factor in the success or failure of a clinic or hospital.

This enhances patient satisfaction, improves the efficiency of medical practice, and increases revenue. It ensures that clinics operate at optimized capacity, doctors are able to spend quality time with patients, and patients also don’t waste their time waiting outside the doctor’s clinic.

Features of Docterz App

Maintain Medical Records:

Doctorz App helps doctors and patients to store their medical records in a digital form. Now, they don’t need to carry the physical papers every time for a doctor’s visit, to buy medicines, or even to take a second opinion. The doctors can also share the medical history of a patient, in case they want to consult with some other doctors.

Scheduling Appointments:

One of the most common features of the Patient Flow Management System is that patients can book appointments sitting at their home, without visiting the hospital. If required, the appointments can be rescheduled or canceled easily. The portal also sends them reminders for the appointment via SMS, email, and call, so that they don’t miss it.

Medical Billing:

Docterz app allows the hospital staff billing modules that reduce the stress of managing not only invoicing, but also track insurance claim status and coordinates billing with insurance providers. This ensures that the claims are processed quickly and accurately.

Queue Management:

One more important feature of Patient Flow Management software is managing the queue outside the doctor’s clinic. Using this app, patients can estimate the expected time, their turn will come. So, they can visit the hospital around that time. This reduces their waiting time at the clinic.

Clinic Analytics:

To ensure the profitability of a clinic or hospital, it is very important to keep a track of the top line and bottom line. It is very important to analyze the number and types of patients visiting the hospital, their average stay, and the amount they spend. At the same time, it is important to track the inventory of various consumables items. This analysis helps a clinic cut down its expenses and improve profitability.

What Makes Patient Flow Management Matchless

In the current situation, when all clinics and hospitals are struggling to offer their patients a seamless customer experience, the patient flow management system is like a big boon to the healthcare industry. The system ensures that a clinic or hospital is able to operate at full capacity, and doctors get to spend more quality time with patients, rather than banging their heads in unproductive and routine activities.

When the patients are able to easily locate and navigate a clinic or hospital, see a doctor without waiting for a long time, without needing to carry their medical records in a physical manner, all these put together to create a positive experience for the patients. And, as always, a satisfied customer brings in more customers. This in turn helps a clinic increase revenue and also profitability.

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