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Queue Management System to Enhance Patient Experience

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

In today’s time, the most expensive commodity that people can offer is time. Everyone values their time a lot. The same holds true for patients as well. And it becomes more critical when it comes to a medical emergency, where a patient needs to see a doctor immediately, as it could be a matter of life and death.

In normal situations also, when a patient visits a doctor, he or she wants to visit the doctor at the earliest. But at times there are long queues at the clinic. This is where; a Queue Management System can be very helpful.

What is the Queue Management System (QMS)?

The Queue Management system is software which is in great demand these days because of the kind of services it offers. It automates the entire queue system in such a way that the patients and doctors don’t have to wait unnecessarily. Through this system, doctors can get an idea of how many patients are expected on the day and the patients also benefit as they get an idea about the expected time their turn will come. This way, they can reduce their waiting time. The system is beneficial in clinics, nursing homes where there is a heavy flow of customers such as schools, hospitals, malls, railway stations, and any big organization.

How does QMS (Queue Management System) help?

When a patient wants to see a doctor, there is a long queue there. The patient has to wait for quite a long time for his/her turn to see the doctor. Many times, a person has to skip a whole day of office for a small meeting with doctors for a few minutes.

But QMS takes care of managing all the appointments. This is how it helps.

1. When a patient books an appointment with a doctor, the system issues a token number to the patient which the patient has to show at the reception. At this time, the system also tells the expected time (ETA) his turn will come. This way the patient can plan his day in a better manner and can finish his work before heading off to the doctor.

2. In case, some patients do not turn up, the system gives a real-time update to the patients. Due to this, if their turn is expected earlier, the system gives an update to the patient.

3. It also helps a doctor know how many patients are expected in a day. How many has he already seen and how many are yet to come. This way he can plan his time for his family as well.


Everyone values their time and people appreciate it when others value their time. This is precisely what a Queue Management System does. It values the time of patient. When a patient is suffering from some disease, he/she is already in some discomfort and when the patient has to wait outside the clinic, it increases the discomfort. But with a QMS the patient’s waiting time is reduced to great extent. This makes a patient feel quite better that the doctor is making an attempt to understand the value of his time, that's how docterz is creating the better world for doctors.

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