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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

For Years, we have undervalued the importance and sacrifices of doctors in our daily lives. Unfortunately, it took a global crisis for us to value the role of doctors and realize the endless sacrifices they make for mankind.

Surprisingly, now we are honoring them as our frontline warriors, our very own superheroes, but a while back were we even least bothered or aware about the kind of pressure, stress, or challenges that they were daily going through?

Beyond the White Coat!

Yes, our Superheroes, with their white cape, are ready to take over the world, but do we realize their cape has been so heavily burdened with responsibility, stress, and pressure of what-

the carelessness of people or the lack of compassion shown by them if they don’t succeed, or the fight against the troublesome enemy or the uncalled pressure of being available for an unjustified ratio of population.

sacrifice of Doctors in pandemic

Exposure to their health risk does not even get included in this list. Yes being available for the masses is something they signed up for but the kind of work exploitation doctors go through on a daily basis, is it justified?

What Can Be Done?

Today there is a pandemic that has messed up the world, tomorrow there might be something else. We cannot wait for the next global crisis to be alarmed again. A long term efficient solution is much needed.

Invest in Better Medical Infrastructure

We need to switch to better medical infrastructure. In terms of medical staff, medical equipment, capacity of hospital beds all of it needs to be relooked and efficient infrastructure needs to be invested upon.

Digital Transformation

Going Digital is no more a luxury or privilege, but the need of the hour. For instance, investing in sophisticated automated software like Docterz App can help doctors get relief from the uncalled stress of work pressure or finances which they have to go through daily.

Being Compassionate

Small efforts like being compassionate towards them can help the doctors put a brave front in times of crisis. We need to understand and empathize with their situation. Small gestures like these can amount to a huge difference.

Advancement in Medical Research

Improvement of the life expectancy of every citizen is an important aspect that is dependent on advanced medical research. The development of the public and private healthcare ecosystem is aligned on how good the research is, hence efforts need to be aligned for the same.

Final Words

It is beyond admirable, the courage with which our frontline workers take the charge in any given situation, prioritizing solely on the safety of the masses. Hopefully, efforts would be taken to build a stress-free and conducive environment for them too.

All we can do from our end is to show a little more compassion and appreciation towards them even when the current crisis gets over. Nothing could be a greater tribute to the health-care workers than this.

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