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Top 5 Medical Software in India

Updated: Apr 19

Top 5 Medical Software in India
Top 5 Medical Software in India

Today there is hardly any field, which is untouched by the digital revolution. And the healthcare industry is no exception to this rule. Today, there is much medical software available, which takes care of various processes that are a part and parcel of the healthcare industry. The medical software improves the functioning and revenue for the hospitals.

What is the need for medical software?

In this digital age, not making use of innovations in medical software can be quite a gamble. Given below are some reasons, why every hospital should use medical software:

 With medical software, patients can schedule their appointments with hospitals and also consult doctors easily. This way the hospitals can create a better experience for your patients.

• The software allows patients to check in, fill admission forms, check prescriptions and even pay the bills. This makes them loyal to the hospital.

• Using medical software can help patients estimating their approximate meeting time with the doctor. This helps reduce waiting time, especially for busy patients.

• All reports are uploaded on the cloud, so they can easily be shared with anyone, anytime.

• Doing billing through medical software reduces the chances of human errors.

• It also helps hospital in settling insurance claims and reduces chances of claim rejection, and thereby improves hospital revenue.

Top 5 Medical software

These days a hospital has various medical software to choose from, each of which offers some common features and some unique features. Depending upon your requirement, you need one out of the following:

1. Halemind:

This is complete medical software with separate modules for hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. The cloud-based technology allows a hospital to increase operational efficiency, and deliver outstanding patient experiences. The module for clinics helps patients to register, check-in consults a doctor, and take prescriptions. The pharmacy module helps a pharmacy manage its inventory easily.

2. Docterz:

Medical software designed by doctors, for doctors. This medical software is suitable for hospitals, clinics, and even polyclinics, which are visited by multiple doctors. It displays all clinics/sessions on a single screen and helps the doctors manage their time efficiently. The medical software has a feature, by which even while consulting, with a single tab, the doctor can view the patient's history as well. It also allows doctors to give a printed prescription to their patients, which patients can always carry in their mobile phones. These prescriptions are available in multiple languages along with graphics to make people understand them easily. The medical software also allows doctors to manage their financials with complete control over their collections. The software also has medical literature posted by well-known doctors regarding various important topics.

3. Horizon ERP:

This is medical software designed for small businesses and can be used by doctors in clinics and hospitals. The app has a very simple and user-friendly interface for better productivity. It helps generate reports fast and thus saves a lot of time.

4. Medicin ERP:

This is mainly pharmacy management software that helps run and manage a pharmacy in a smooth manner. The medical software can be used to manage various functions of pharmacy like sale and purchase, sale or purchase return, short item, customer invoicing, and other financial matters. This is a fully automated medical software that not only helps reduce the burden of a pharmacist but also increases their revenue.

5. Medeil:

This is cutting-edge pharmacy management software. This medical software has been designed especially for retail pharmacies to store the products, track the inventory, and offer your customers a great experience through sharing critical and useful medical knowledge through the app. The app helps a pharmacy in accounting as well.


We live in a digital era, where the rate of change of technology is very fast. Every day we come across new innovations. The same holds true for the medical industry as well. These days most hospitals are focusing on providing outstanding healthcare service to their patients. Apart from medical knowledge, the use of technology can make your process seamless; provide your customer experience, and also increase your revenue. Hence, to survive this and grow in this competitive market, the use of medical software is very important.

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