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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The importance of Vaccines can be understood now, more than ever. We all are fighting against this invisible enemy who has been quite successful in impacting the emotional, financial and physical wellbeing of people.

vaccine management system

The word vaccine has now become not just a way out to inhibit the spread of disease but a word that conveys assurance and lingering hope in people’s minds for a better tomorrow.

Covid Vaccine Situation in India

After a year-long sprint, coronavirus Vaccines is finally at the cusp of release. The Oxford- Astra Zeneca shot, called Covid shield in India, is being produced by the world’s largest vaccine maker, the Pune-based Serum Institute of India. The current vaccination program would be prioritizing the health care workers, policemen, soldiers, volunteers, and people who are vulnerable to any serious comorbidity.


We have established by now, the vital role vaccine plays in the course of the medical system while providing support not just by mitigating an illness or disease but also providing psychological support to it. The application of vaccines has now tremendously increased in the medical ecosystem where now from a pediatrician to a doctor to a medical expert all are using it as recourse.

Vaccine Management could be another time consuming, stressful activity added to the doctor’s list if it is managed to keep in mind the traditional ways. Keeping your Vaccine Management Plan well-updated can save you money and time and can ensure smooth acceleration of immunization program with no compromise made to vaccine quality or safety.

How Docterz App Can Help in Vaccine Management?

Docterz App provides sets of functionalities specially designed to keep doctor’s struggles in mind. The idea is to alleviate stress from doctor’s shoulders and let the automated software take the front seat making doctor’s life much easier.

• Finance Management

Won’t this be a good scenario where automated software manages and tracks all your financial trouble? You know exactly how much is your vaccine consumption, how much do you earn from it, etc.

• Transparency

Local Vendors watch out!

Now the doctors have to no more worry about a local vendor conning them by imposing huge vaccination costs. Through the Docterz app, one can easily evaluate the vaccine pricing and the profit/loss he might be bearing in association with a particular local vendor.

• Recorded Data

Time has evolved so should we! The switch from manual labor to digital one might feel too complex at the beginning but is a much-needed one. Let the Automated software do the dirty work for you.

Final Words

The current Pandemic crisis has made everyone realize, that efficient vaccine Management is our catalyst for a healthier future. The challenges and pressure our doctors had to face in the given crisis have been an eye-opener of the health care industry’s situation in our country.

The major lesson this pandemic taught us is to redefine the way our medical ecosystem works, from ground level.

Investing in a strengthened and well-updated vaccine management plan can be considered a start to be preparing for the next battle. So let’s be better late than never!

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