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Why Patient Experience Matters and How You Can Ace It?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

If you look back a few years back, visiting doctors seemed like an uncomfortable and intimidating process for patients. Additionally, understanding treatment options, availability of doctors, and consulting doctors make the patient’s life befuddled. Today, however, the situation has changed dramatically. The healthcare industry has started to shift towards digital solutions to not only attract new patients but also improving the patient experience.

What is Patient Experience?

Patient experience covers every interaction that a patient has with the health care system, including the care from doctors, nurses, and other health care facilities that shape their perception about the care.

what is patient experience

In our day-to-day lives, it is pretty common that we interchange the terms patient satisfaction and patient experience; however, they are not the same thing. Patient satisfaction is whether a patient’s expectations were met about a health encounter.

Why is it Important to Focus on Patient Experience?

In today’s competitive market, healthcare providers are increasingly looking at ways to improve the patient experience.

They try to meet the expectations of digital-savvy patients; they want to be more involved in their patient journey and be a part of their decision-making process.

Because it is no longer enough to provide high-quality care, you need to improve the overall experience. Nearly 93% of healthcare practitioners believe mobile healthcare apps have the potential to improve patient outcomes and experience.

According to a report, 82% of medical practitioners consider patient experience and engagement to be critical to growth and profit margins.

Today, doctors are leveraging the power of digital apps to reach beyond the bounds of the hospital doors and into patients’ lives, providing a pathway to better, more responsible health management.

How can Docterz App Help?

Docterz Mobile App is incredible medical software in India. The app has been crafted keeping in mind the unique requirements of doctors in India and the dynamic population. The app was created based on people’s growing dependence on their smartphones for work, pleasure, and search for information.

Let’s take a look at how it can improve the patient experience.

• You can easily check the entire medical history of your patient with a single tap, can switch to any step through a single tap, can get a holistic view of medical history, patient's details, medical reports, history, and billings. This arms you with the necessary knowledge to provide high-quality care.

• Prescriptions can be printed in various languages to align with people from different geographies and languages across India.

  1. • The app shares all necessary details about a patient's visit and makes it easy for them to track and monitor their progress.

  2. • The app helps the patient to schedule appointments with any doctor with ease.

  3. . The app has options to connect with the doctor via chat or teleconsultation as well as video consultation

• To empower patients with the right knowledge about various medical issues; the app also has medical literature written by seasoned doctors on different medical issues.

Final words

Several factors go into a positive patient experience, and the Doctrez App makes it easy to take the necessary steps in creating a great experience for your patients and help increase patient satisfaction. And with Docterz App, you’ll stand apart from other impersonal providers and generate raving fans for your practice.

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