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Modernizing the Doctor’s World Through Data Management Software

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We are living in modern times. And in these times, if one were to search for one area of our life, where technology has not set its footprints, it would be like finding a needle in a heap of straw. Yet, for some strange reasons, doctors and the healthcare industry have been a bit reluctant in accepting this fact and adopting technology. For those, who believed that technology does not play any role in running a nursing home, a look at the following data will surely assist them.

The reality

60% of healthcare needs begin with an online search, 76% of patients use hospital websites for research, 77% of patients use search prior to booking an appointment, and 44% of patients who search hospitals on a mobile device go on to schedule an appointment.

Use of Technology in Doctor’s Life

Today, technology has gone beyond inventing many devices that help doctors in diagnosing any disease and suggesting a suitable treatment. Medical software help doctors in using their time effectively in doing the core activity that they should do – treat the patients. And all other non-core activities can be taken care of by technology. The answer to their problems is patient management software, or clinic management software.

Challenges faced by doctors

Today doctors and nursing homes face many challenges like scheduling appointments and then reminding the patients for their follow-up vileadsits. They need to tally their collection with the reception and track the consumption of regular items. Any errors in this leads to revenue leakage for them. But the biggest challenge they face is in terms of managing their patient’s data.

Need for Data Management

Every doctor has to maintain a history of his regular patients, especially so in case of serious or chronic diseases. It is very important for a doctor to maintain a record of the last prescription to see if it is effective, or needs to be changed. Maintaining data in physical form is tedious both in terms of cost and space involved. There is always a risk of data getting lost due to theft or any calamity like fire.

Also since the medical data is scattered everywhere, if a doctor needs to consult his/her peers, there is a problem of how to share that data and discuss it in real-time.

Benefits of Data Management

Individual doctors can make use of Patient Management Software while small clinics and nursing homes can make use of Clinic Software Management. This software helps doctors manage the medical history of their patients including diagnosis, prescription, etc. This data is uploaded onto a cloud server and can be accessed anywhere by any authorized user. Even when the patient is interacting with the doctor, through a video call, the doctor can view the patient’s medical history simultaneously and suggest action accordingly.

It also helps the doctors to send reminders to patients for their follow-up visits and thus prevents any revenue leakage due to patient’s ignorance. The software even helps to personalize the treatment by keeping a track of the patient’s preferred days and/or times of appointment and suggest time accordingly. This makes a positive impact and improves customer satisfaction.

The medical data can also be used to keep a track of high-risk patient’s medical conditions and in case of any potentially fatal situation, give them a timely alert to take medical help immediately. This kind of preventive medical care can definitely save many lives.

This patient’s data may also be used for CRM. The data would help doctors find any pattern and identifying people with similar conditions, mapping it with demographic details and identify their target audience and reach potential prospects.

Benefits of the Software

Docterz Mobile App is the best medical software in India. The app has been specially designed keeping in mind the various requirements of doctors in India, keeping in mind that many people are illiterate and speak different languages.

The app offers various features, which are as follows:

With this app now you can check the medical history of a patient with a single tap. You can easily jump to any step through a single tap. Check medical history with a single tap while prescribing medication. Patient's details, medical reports, history, billings all are on a single screen.

The medical software has been enhanced with machine learning, which keeps a track of medications prescribed under various conditions. Doctors can easily give printed prescriptions. This way you can easily write a prescription and even print it.

The prescription can be printed in various languages to cater to people from different geographies and languages across India.

The app also has medical literature written by eminent doctors on various medical issues, which is accurate and presented in a patient-friendly manner.


Indian doctor’s ecosystem is very unique. Some doctors work out of polyclinics, some in single owner clinics while some have their own nursing homes. Some doctors bill the patient after a consultation and some doctors collect charges before the consultation.

Today most doctors have to get involved in admin work. This adds to their workload and keeps them away from their main work. Docterz is the best medical software, which can simplify their lives and enhance their revenues.

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